Konstantine Arnokouros

musician - producer - graphic designer

Konstantine is a musician, composer arranger and producer. He was born in the heart of Toronto surrounded by diverse cultures and exposed to music from all over the world. He started music lessons at the age of eight and was performing professionally by age thirteen. After completing several years at York University’s Fine Arts program he formed his own corporate band and has traveled all over North America ever since.

He endeavoured to compose and produce his own music. The resulting CD’s, “Across the Aegean” and “Mediterranean Rendezvous” reflect the many influences that have shaped his musical vision.  Konstantine’s music is at once passionate and lyrical with rich rhythmic textures.

Konstantine has completed many projects for independent and major label record companies as well as music for independent films. His private recording studio has accommodated artists like “Pavlo”, John McDermot and Sommerset Entertaiment, to name a few. His production work and compositions have earned him Gold Record status in Canada and his “Greek Party Mix” compilations have become “Best Sellers” and were awarded “Best Dance Album of the Year” in 2003.

With a strong understanding of world music, combined with his Canadian roots, Konstantine offers a diverse musical knowledge as a producer, composer and arranger. Being a successful “gigging” musician himself, Konstantine understands the public and his client’s needs thus creating a harmonious musical environment that always produces superb results.

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